The perfect place to import motorcycles

doublertrading - Import motorcyclesSince motorcycles were invented, it has been a dream of many to own one. There is a certain appeal and freedom in being able to speed freely down all kinds of roads and to bypass the cars that are getting stuck in traffic jams. Since the movie Easy Rider, many of us long for the wild freedom of cruising down remote roads that take us to adventurous places. Not only driving a motorbike is a dream come true, but fixing one or tinkering with your own motorcycle can bring many pleasures, as described in the famous book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance. If you dream of having a motorcycle too, or are in the business of making this dream come true for others, you are in good company! Unfortunately, due to changes in the organisation of the motorcycle branch, it is not always easy to find a good local dealer that can provide bikes, advice and spare parts. Thankfully, a Dutch company called Double R Trading, that is perfectly located near the large ports of the Netherlands – Amsterdam and Rotterdam – can ship the motorcycle that you desire to you. Since they have a clear website and webshop in English, it will not be difficult to find the information you need when you consider how to import motorcycles through them. If you want to import motorcycles through this renowned specialist when it comes to these vehicles, just simply set up an account and browse through their webshop. In case you can’t immediately find the bike you want because they don’t have it in stock, there is no reason to worry. Double R Trading can import motorcycles for you! With their 17 years of experience in which they have learned how to import motorcycles, but also ship them abroad, you can definitely trust them with this important task. They have built up a large international network and have already shown they know how to import motorcycles, as well as export them, to and from no less than 25 countries! If you want to import motorcycles to Germany, Luxemburg or Belgium, their location in Gorinchem will allow them to easily deliver the vehicle(s) to you by road. But if you live further away, there is of course also the possibility to import motorcycles through Double R Trading. Since they are located near the large Dutch ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, they have the possibility to easily ship the motorbikes to you. This company is very well equipped to import motorcycles, since they have their own bonded warehouse. Furthermore, they have three loading bays and large loading doors, which makes it even more easy for them to import motorcycles. They can easily export part of their stock to elsewhere in Europe, without having to pay European import duties. This affects the prices of this renowned company, which indirectly makes it cheaper for you to import motorcycles through them, or to have them import motorcycles for you. Their broad stock should make it easy for you to import motorcycles that you or your customers want. Some examples of brands they supply are Yamaha, Triumph, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati and BMW. If they don’t already have the model or type you desire in stock, you can contact one of their six expert sales advisors. They will immediately use their extensive international network to find just the right motorcycle for you anyway, and often even on short notice. If you want more information about how to import motorcycles through Double R Trading, please visit their website by clicking on this link:¬† You can also check out the paragraph below, where we have listed all the advantages you gain if you import motorcycles through them.

Import motorcycles from the Netherlands – a list of advantages

The Netherlands have been known for centuries as a nation of traders. Even hundreds of years ago, the Dutch would use their large ports to depart by ship to faraway countries and import exotic products for their customers. The central location in Europe and the proximity to the sea make this very easy. Double R Trading is part of this same tradition, which is reflected in how they deal internationally in motorcycles. Dealing with this company comes with many advantages, some of which were already mentioned in the paragraph above. To make things easy, we have drawn up a list of their strong points, to help you decide whether you would like to import motorcycles through them. Double R Trading is known for:

  • wide variety of brands in stock
  • extensive international network
  • good advice and service
  • 17 years of experience
  • import and export to many countries
  • fast shipping/delivery
  • small and large quantities possible
  • AEO certification

A supplier you can trust

Since it can be difficult to find a dealer nearby when you want to acquire a motorcycle, the only option you may have is to import motorcycles. Thankfully, Double R Trading has extensive experience and an international network, which makes them a safe bet if you want to import motorcycles. They have many brands in stock to choose from, and will go to great lengths to supply with just the type you like. Whether you want to acquire motorbikes to resell in large quantities or by item, you can find in them a supplier you can trust. Through them, you can even order motorcycles by container.

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