Debt collection agency

Debt collection can be a complicated and long process, with great effects on you personally and your company. Because a not paid debt means missing revenue, which means you cannot do the investments that might be needed in your situation. It can cause great stress, because of the impact it has on both sides. Not only do you have a right to the money, but every day your debt is not paid you are essentially missing money. The other party is responsible for that and it can be tough to separate the business side from the personal side. With all this a debt collection agency can help. Finanza Debt Collection Solutions has been active in the Netherlands for over 20 years, helping businesses with their debt collection.

The leading debt collection agency in the Netherland

We understand that debt must be collected quickly, without many additional costs. We work quickly and efficiently to recover your debt and pay you back the money that is owed to you. We focus on three things:

  • Swift recovery
  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Appropriate handling of the situation

Swift recovery is very important and we understand that. Usually the use of a debt collection agency is your last resort, when you understand that the other party is not going to pay you. It is important to realize this in a timely manner and to impose strict deadlines. This way you can quickly catch on when someone decides not to pay and take the appropriate steps, such as the use of a debt collection agency such as Finanza. The earlier you employ us the quicker we can get you your money. We understand that it is important for you that the debt collection is done efficiently and cost-effective. Because of our 20 years experience as debt collection agency we know exactly what to do in every situation and so we can act swiftly and without much hassle. This reduces costs for you, while still ensuring a swift debt collection. Debt collection can be a sensitive subject and must be handled appropriately. We act discreetly and with the utmost level of integrity, so as to protect both you and your clients. Our goal as a debt collection agency is client satisfaction at all levels of the recovery process and that goal will not be comprised.

The right agency for your problems

Our main clients range from large financial institutions to small businesses and individuals. For each case we tailor to your needs and make sure the process is handled in such a way that is satisfactory to you. We use the latest technology and highly skilled people to recover your debt, which has made us a leading debt collection agency in the Netherlands. Our people are highly skilled and trained and know every single part of debt collection law, so as to ensure that everything happens by the book. But also, this way you can be sure that your clients will pay, because they are required to by law. Our specialist use a diplomatic approach that is designed not to scare away, but instead to come to an agreement. It is important this happens diplomatically and discreetly, so as to create the right setting in which your client will pay your debt. Our debt collection agency specialists know exactly how to handle these kind of situations, so as to make sure your debt is paid swiftly. Are you interested or want to know more? Contact us for an obligation-free consultation. Read more…

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